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Custom Creatives

Jewelry Making Over Heat


Custom Wire Wraps

Crafted by hand, our wire-wrapped jewelry uniquely encases your chosen gemstone. Through weave patterning, we take any gemstone and turn it into a wearable piece of art. Each stone is enveloped using a combination of wire, available in sterling silver or grounding copper, ensuring a truly individual piece every time.

What We Need To Know:

Send us a message with any ideas you have, including:

- Type of stone (provided by us or your own)

- Metaphysical properties you intend to invite

- Metal choice (If desired)

- Your budget (Allows us to find stones aligning with your needs)


Custom Crystal Packs

We provide intuitively chosen crystals tailored to specific metaphysical properties; with selections fostering grounding, calming, focus, creative inspiration, and protective evergies.



What We Need To Know:

- Are you a beginner to crystal healing, or looking to expand your collection?

- Do you want specific crystals?

- Do you prefer rough, polished, or mixed stones?

- Your budget; crystal packs, depending on your needs can vary in price!


Memorialized Jewelry

Memorialized jewelry focuses on delicately transforming the casings from a loved one's final salute.


We repurpose the fired casings, typically presented to family once services have concluded and turn them into meaning jewelry that serve as cherished reminders of their dear departed. We offer this in the form of bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces, keychains, cufflinks or tie bars. 


What We Need To Know:

We will need to know how many casings you have to be turned into jewelry and can suggest fitting offerings based upon this.


If you have a preference, please note that in the message and we will provide you with options!


Custom Event Jewelry

Searching for the perfect surprise for your beloved bridesmaids?


We specialize in uniquely crafted bridesmaids' gifts, ranging from charming gift boxes full of crystals and matching jewelry/accessories for the bridal crew to jewelry and bouquet charms for the big day.

It's not just the brides who benefit- we also offer custom upcycled casing jewelry for groomsmen, including cufflinks and tie bars, ensuring everyone feels special on their memorable day. 


What We Need To Know:

- What's your main focus?

- Any specific crystals or materials you wish to incorporate?

- Is this for bridesmaids? gifts, If so, how many are in your group? 

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