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Typsy Gypsy began in 2012 under the name Upcycle. I began by repurposing vintage clothing; during this time my love of jewelry making grew. As I transitioned from curator to creator, Upcycle faded and Typsy Gypsy emerged.


I was a bartender at the local pub during the week (and most weekends, too) to support my love of travel and selling my creations. Among the late night pints at our pub, discussions of life goals, passion projects and best moments swirled; suddenly, the name Typsy Gypsy was given life. It was a play on my profession mixed with a desire to pay homage to my ancestors and their many crafty hustles from Europe all the way to the US. My family came to the US in the 1920's and as I learn more of my heritage, I find that I come from a long line of metalsmiths, tailors, jewelers and traders. I hope continue this legacy of creation through my business.


My inspiration comes from my love of upcycling, crystal healing and vintage fashions. I began making bullet casing jewelry after noticing many shells sitting unused, left to melt into the grounds of the outdoor range my father and I would frequent. All the casings of my ballistics line are fired, cut and polished by hand; giving them new life and new meaning. As my interest in crystal healing grows, I continue to immerse myself in learning wire wrapping skills and how to utilize wearing crystals for healing purposes. Each piece of jewelry you purchase comes with a guarantee of quality and all sales go to the growth and expansion of TG. I hope to inspire people with my wearable heARTwork.

TG jewelry is a wearable reminder to feed our inner curiosities and be creative every day.





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Dayna Blaise, creator and crafter of Typsy Gypsy

Dayna Blaise (pictured above) creator & crafter of Typsy Gypsy Jewelry

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