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Brazilian Titanium Plated Quartz

Brazilian Titanium Plated Quartz


Heat treated to add rainbow aura coloration. This color comes from a titanium plating that is bonded to the Quartz crystal. Titanium carries the properties of strength, elevated mental activtiy and fortitude. Quartz enhances these qualities and energizes and balances. Titanium is the most powerful of all the coated Quartz varities. This type of stone is recommended for those who lack day to day energy and keeping up with life. Helpful to turn around negative moods and increase focus, it allows you to become more confident and aware within your environment. This stone is also a great pairing for those who carry Moldavite. The Moldavite works to transform while Titanium Quartz pulses positivity in all directions. 

  • Specifications

    This point comes from Brazil and measures approximately 2x1.5x2 in

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