Rose Quartz Pendant Point

Rose Quartz Pendant Point


Chunky Rose Quartz on brass chain. Chain measures approximately 32" and Rose Quartz piece is 2" long. Layer with other crystals or wear on it's own to attract universal love and positivity. 

  • Specifications

    Chain measures 32", Rose Quartz piece is approx. 2" long

  • Metaphysical

    Rose Quartz is known as the stone of unconditional love. Assisting in relationships, Rose Quartz helps you to heal old wounds that left negativity in the Heart Chakra and reopen yourself love. While its ability to enhance love in relationships is powerful, it is also a powerful stone for self-love practice. This stone embodies compassion, tenderness, love and kindness allowing you to embrace all those qualities within yourself and your relationships with others. Place Rose Quartz near your bed or on a desk where you will see it and be reminded each day of the power of love.